Social commitment


Optiswiss is firmly convinced that industrial and economic success cannot make up for humanitarian values. We are one of the established spectacle lens manufacturers both on the Swiss and also on the European market.

Our company philosophy is based on commitment, openness and trust. This, together with industrial expertise and the readiness of our team to act, has made it possible for us to build up strong, permanent relationships with our customers over the years based on honesty and mutual respect.

Based in the border triangle of Switzerland, France and Germany, co-operation between different nationalities has always been part of our company culture. The “Sahara as far as the eye can see” project is, in some ways, only an extension of this basic concept of a country outside our region.

Apart from that, it is, however, not only a gift if we practise our profession for the benefit of those who urgently need help but, far from the amenities of our consumer society, we are rewarded time and again by unforgettable emotional moments that many of the participants will never forget and that for us as a company are constantly an inspiration to continue the campaign year after year.