Optiplas Dual+ UV

The unique coating package produced with the latest Dual+ UV nanotechnology

The unique coating package for organic lenses, manufactured using the latest  Dual+UV nanotechnology. Optiplas Dual+ UV offers a perfect combination of hardness and abrasion resistance, and therefore highest customer value.


Dual+UV Nanotechnology

Intensive research has led to the development of an innovative vaporisation process. A unique combination of ultra-hydrophobic and ultra-oleophobic coatings. For incredibly easy-to-clean lenses!


UV protection

Optiplas Dual+UV provides UV protection on the back surface of the ophthalmic lens.


  • The UV rays hit the back surface of the ophthalmic lens
  • The UV rays are reflected on the eyes
  • Optiplas Dual+UV reduces the reflection of UV rays