Nearis HD – The perfect near comfort lens with personal parameters

This lens is a high-resolution premium near comfort lens made using state-of-the-art Swiss HD technology.

The Nearis HD lens ensures maximum visual comfort meeting todays demands as all personal parameters of the wearer flow into lens design and calculation.

Product benefits:

  • Available in 3 categories: OFFICE, DESK, and READER, adapted to the needs of the spectacle wearer
  • Wide and stable vision areas
  • Extra large near range area
  • Fatigue-free vision
  • For natural, relaxed posture during computer work

3 Categories – 1 Lens

  • Nearis HD OFFICE – Clear vision up to 4 meters
    For frequent shifts of vision indoor. Ideal for working at the computer as well as for meetings and presentations.


  • Nearis HD DESK – Clear vision up to 2 meters.
    For an optimized intermediate vision at desk-distance.


  • Nearis HD READER – Clear vision up to 1 meter.
    For intensive screen-work.