Polarised lenses

What is a polarised lens?

The most effective protection against glaring sun.

Polarised lenses reinforce the most important function of correction lenses: the improvement of visual acuity. Polarised lenses have the ability to block glaring horizontal radiation. No other lens and no tinting or coating can achieve this result.


  • Filters annoying reflections
  • Contrast enhancing effect
  • Reduces glare
  • Safety when driving and taking part in water sports
  • 100% UV protection

Optimum protection from glare

Natural light is not polarised, it goes in all directions. On the other hand, polarised light is “directed”, it goes in only one direction. Because of reflection on horizontal surfaces (e.g. damp streets) an annoying glare is caused that distorts the actual image. The only way of avoiding this glare is to use polarised lenses. The polarisation film which is used in the lens is made up of strung out, parallel molecule strands. In this way, a kind of grid is created, through which only light waves of a certain direction can go.


Safety and comfort when driving

Annoying glare is blocked out by the polarised lens. Only light which provides necessary image information reaches the eye. As a result of this effect, concentration behind the steering wheel is improved and reaction time, in comparison with conventional glasses, is shortened.erkürzt.